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Green Tourism

Green Tourism AwardWe Raymond and Kathryn & family seek to ask our guests for their help to minimize the impact of our and our guest's activities on the environment. Here at Shalom Cottage we are committed to providing a good high quality service whilst minimising the environmental impact of our activities

We have been awarded the Green Tourism Silver Award for our efforts to be more sustainable, the scheme encourages sustainable practices to ensure the continued enjoyment of the environment around us for future generations.

Here are some of the steps we have taken to reduce our impact -

Energy Efficiency - through the use of energy efficient light bulbs, high levels of insulation, an energy efficient boiler and with help from our guests we are able to be more energy efficient.

Local Produce - we encourage our guests to shop and eat locally while in Harris, information is provided for sourcing of locally produced goods and eating out places.

Wildlife - In Harris there is an abundance of wildlife is to be enjoyed, in the cottage garden we are at present planning some animal habitats ie a wildflower bed, a habitat for bugs and also some shrubs for insects and butterflies, we also encourage birds to visit the garden, our children are involved in this planning so that they will be more aware of the environment around them.

Give the car a rest, step out on foot and breath pure fresh air - walk, cycle, fish or golf - we encourage our guests to experience the great wide open spaces around them, detailed information is provided in the cottage for these activities.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - we provide facilities to recycle plastics, tin, paper, glass, batteries, bulbs etc. Our guests are encouraged to use these facilities.

As a family we try regularly to keep the local environment litter free by collecting litter along the roadsides and on the shoreline, again this is a very important way of teaching the children about their impact on the environment. We try to recycle some of this litter at the nearby recycling point. We also support the local schools with their beach clean ups.